MRI Equipment

The OPEN BORE 1.5T MRI features an extra-large opening that can comfortably accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes. It’s perfect for those who get anxious or claustrophobic during an MRI. With one foot of spacious headroom, you’ll no longer feel like your nose-to-nose with the top of the magnet. For many exams, your feet go in first and your head remains outside the system. Most important of all, the power is three times greater than a conventional OPEN MRI, which assures your doctor gets the most confident diagnosis.

Another machine we proudly use is the Picker Edge 1.5. Its tube magnet provides image quality second to none. Comfort, reasonable examination times, and excellent image quality are what you can expect from the unit. 

All scans are read by board certified radiologists with additional fellowship training in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (or MRI), Neuroradiology, Pediatric Radiology, Information Systems, Interventional Radiology, Cardiac and Vascular Imaging, Certified B Reader for Pneumoconiosis, Cross Sectional Imaging, Obstetrical Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal Radiology, and Ultrasound and Thoracic/Abdominal Cross Sectional Imaging.

Patient reports are automatically faxed to the referring physician's office immediately after the reading has been completed. Reports should be received by the next business day. Upon physician request, you may take a set of films with you after the scan is complete. This will only take a short wait time or you can call a day ahead to have the films ready for pick-up the following day.

Click here to view our OPEN BORE MRI demo video and to see patient testimonials.